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Jan 22, 2021


If you have a bad experience in a room on Club House does it sour your taste for the entire app?

Let's say your first 3 rooms are a disaster - as an audience member.  Or you agree to be a speaker and the Moderator fights with the audience? Or no one shows up at all.  


Jan 18, 2021

Suit Up Everyone It's Slime Time on Club House

@JoinClubHouse app may still be in Beta but they have opened the doors to millions of people so in order to listen and learn and build a better experience.    I do love that culture in a company.

But, there is a dark side to ClubHouse and I don't know if the Founders...

Jan 15, 2021

ClubHouse the New Live Drop In Conversation App will maKe you want to have a cig.

After the movie Social Dilemma one would think we would be more conscious about the amount of time spent on social media.  But it appears it's only getting worse with ClubHouse.

After spending 3 days on ClubHouse, I felt the adrenalin...

Jan 11, 2021

@WendiCooper, that's me on ClubHouse @joinclubhouse 

It's a live audio app where you get to be part of the conversation LIVE.

It's like you and me being able too speak live as you listen to the podcast!  Almost like an automatic guest, or old school call in talk radio.  You know Howard Stern style.  

I often talk about...

Jan 3, 2021

New Years' Eve Is For The Bourgeoisie

Is 2021 the year the world changes for the better?  

Does the changing of a digit make the world suddenly wake up and do the right thing?  

Why do we pretend to celebrate the passing of one year to the other as a time of change, or resolve?  

Do we need a reason to make a change in...