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Thanks for listening, here is a little bit more about me.  But you can even find out more by going to my website.

The Wendi Cooper Show 

MidLife Interviews with a Sparkle of Storytelling.

 Art | Humanity |Spirituality | Technology | Fashion | Music | Wellness | Purpose | Celebrity | Entrepreneurship | Family

Wendi Cooper is a respected award-winning creative director and television commercial writer | producer | director | as well as a direct response marketing guru in diet, beauty, home, health, and home entertainment.  An entrepreneur 3x over, Wendi also owns a consumer good company called easyGopro - Go Time Just Got Easier.

Ovarian cancer and domestic violence survivor, Wendi is a wife, mother, and grandmother. 

In addition to her podcasts, she shares her wisdom as a motivational speaker and consultant, and entrepreneur.


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