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Dec 23, 2020

A WeWork Culture Is Forced to Work at Home, Alone

I will not imagine a world of working remotely as the norm.  No thank you.  

Why?  Because it's not human.  It is isolating.  It creates heaps of loneliness.  It breeds mental health issues. We are human and need to hunt, gather, smell, feel, touch, listen, and use our 5 senses to communicate in more ways than a one-dimensional screen.

It simply is not how any generation should be asked to work.

 I have worked from home for 25 years.  I am always happiest when I'm working on a project and off-site surrounded by human energy for 6 months.  I thrived on it because the rest of the time I was working from my home office, alone.

Is it realistic to think the future is working remotely?

 I believe that once the vaccine takes hold and we see a downturn in the right direction, people will flock back to the office...everywhere.  People can't wait to go to work, why would we have a future of work is remote and from home?  Just because we can do it during a pandemic doesn't mean we should do it all the time, does it?  

I think there is a sense of purpose when one "goes to work" and is part of a team, and then leaves work to enjoy their non-work life.  

When it's all in the same place, day in and day's just unhealthy for everyone.