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May 20, 2020

Reviews - 5 Stars - Endorsements

AKA:  Sex, Lies and Video Tape

Why do we listen and trust a bunch of people who we have never met convince us to dig into our pockets to buy a product that they obviously are being paid to, I'll be kind, "feature".   

Testimonials have always driven consumers to buy direct - but on TV they are regulated strictly by the FTC Guidelines.  

But what about,,, all an open door to customer reviews - or "uncontrolled focus groups".  

Why do we put so much weight into listening to a total stranger?  And no reliable way to cross check if they even have a heart beat?

Instagram and Youtube influencers are making tons of cash endorsing products based on their social currency - but aren't  they just "ads" in reverse?

BTW,  This episode has been downloaded 80 Million times - it is the best episode ever recorded.   5.5 stars our of 5