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 The 5 with Wendi Cooper

Every podcast has its reason. This podcast has no real reason other than to bring joy, humor, a new point of view, and a really fun way of looking at life. 

Each episode is unique and timeless - so scroll to Episode 1 and binge-listen!  

 Improvisation is a love of mine, so as a Live Host I've learned one better be good at it...add the ability to edit on the fly, and each episode is guaranteed to be spontaneous, make you love, laugh, cry, or open your eyes to finding joy.  

Here's to health and happiness for all humankind.


Jun 9, 2020

Since I was a young girl I have loved poetry.  I didn't love it to the extent that I have become any type of expert, but a few poems have always remained close to my heart.  The Walrus and The Carpenter, from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland written in 1865, pretty much sums up what it's like to be a follower in today's odd world of social media.  I mean, would a Walrus ever be walking with a Carpenter along a briny beach?  Why then do we follow "made up" personas?  Or for that matter, Alice down a rabbit hole?