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Feb 22, 2021

A SPECIAL BONUS from The Wendi Cooper Show - conversations with remarkable people over 50 - STORYVIEWS

Wendi Knox was an award-winning copywriter and Creative Director at one of the largest advertising agencies in Los Angeles, but her soul longed for something more.

Unexpectedly, she was forced to find it when she lost her big fat job at 50.  She asked The Universe, “Am I too old to reinvent myself?  Please give me a sign.” 

This story view is edited from a 1.5 hour conversation with Wendi Knox into a 15 minute story that will fill your heart..

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Daphne Rose Kingma
Best-selling author of The Ten Things To Do When Your Life Falls Apart

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Produced by C Spot Run Productions

Hosted and Narrated by:  Wendi Cooper

Original Music by: Tom Orsi