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Sep 14, 2020

My favorite part of producing a commercial or infomercial was the sound design.  No wonder I love podcasting and using one's voice in creative ways to deliver content.  

But let's face it, we all need to make money so I had to find a way to find that bliss.  How to make money with my voice, and nope, it's not podcasting.

I thought, why not explore the other side of the camera, so to speak, and offer my talent as a voice-over artist to places like HeadSpace, or the L.A. Times, you know Apple + new offer for audio articles.  I think that's right up my alley!  After all I've casted and directed more voice over than I can count in my professional career, I know what it takes!  Plus, my voice isn't chop liver either.

So, here's my audition tape for HeadSpace Mindful Nutrition voice - I added a little sound design and a tiny adjustment to the script...but I really want to know what you think.

Oh, if you know someone at HeadSpace, can you get me in?

Thanks for listening.


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