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 The 5 with Wendi Cooper

Every podcast has its reason. This podcast has no real reason other than to bring joy, humor, a new point of view, and a really fun way of looking at life. 

Each episode is unique and timeless - so scroll to Episode 1 and binge-listen!  

 Improvisation is a love of mine, so as a Live Host I've learned one better be good at it...add the ability to edit on the fly, and each episode is guaranteed to be spontaneous, make you love, laugh, cry, or open your eyes to finding joy.  

Here's to health and happiness for all humankind.


Sep 20, 2020

The passing of Joan Ruth Bader Ginsburg sent the nation into mourning her death and celebrating her life as a remarkable human who was dedicated to justice for all.   At 87 years old she was the epitome of the inexplicable power combination of AGE, WISDOM and INFLUENCE that rains upon all ages - the outpooring from Gen Z and Millenials is remarkable - and that brings me to my point of this episode.  

As I sat in a Cross Road's parking lot, early Saturday morning, the 19th of September, this came to I typed my thoughts in my Iphone Notes app, and  felt inspired to record this episode.

 I pray it brings to light the need to create/accept/ignite a more powerful intergenerational work culture.  Imagine all of the "RBG's" who are being discriminated against today because of their age...may the grace and legacy of RBG bring light to those who consider aging a factor of one's ability to change the world.  

Written in the CrossRoads parking lot - 9/19/20.  (Ironic, no?) 

"As we lay to rest RBG let’s reflect on her leadership, her knowledge, her tenacity, her truth to transparency - and most of all her age. This should give rise to all who practice ageism of the older adult - that wisdom is the guiding light and RBG will be YOUR light and Your children’s light - she was a force - we are a force - together we create a new world, a world of co-existence, respect - and equality for all."   RIP RBG



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