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Sep 28, 2020

You know when you discover something and you just have to tell people out it?  Now, I don't know if I am late to the game, but that doesn't matter.  All that matters is that I found Bob and Brad on Youtube and that they are the Most Famous Physical Therapist on the Internet? 

If you suffer from a bad back or knee pain, sciatica, hump neck from devices, or anything else you may see a physical therapist for, Bob and Brad on Youtube have the answers.  With 2.1M followers and hundreds of videos - this is a real gem!  

Since I have 3 bulging discs, I searched Youtube to find out the difference between a bulging and herniated disc.  About 4 episodes later I learned from Bob and Brad exactly what I needed to do.  It was awesome and so helpful.  

Disclaimer:  Bob and Brad are not affiliated in any way with C Spot Run Productions, or Wendi Cooper, this is an actual "real person" (not fake person) testimonial delivered in a mini-podcast.