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Oct 5, 2020

The China Virus vs. God Who Dunnit? 

I never talk about politics.  But I am entitled to my opinion and that's exactly what this episode is - my opinion. 

Let me ask you.  Wasn't it just a matter of time before the entire White House got the China Virus?   I mean are they that stupid to think that it wasn't going to happen?  Why would anyone attend a ceremony with people, lots of them, sitting close to one and other without masks?  "We were outdoors".  Yeah, you were outdoors spewing spit all over one and other as you hugged and whispered very close.  

How did these people become so damn ignorant?   Are they that entitled to believe the virus won't penetrate the inner sanctum of the Trump White House?  Are they that vain?  I can't imagine being a member of the egomaniacal Trump family in 15 years.  It will be similar to being German and never being able to remove the Nazi dust of Hitler from your heritage.  

I just had to share my thoughts on what happened this weekend - so I did.