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Oct 8, 2020

Ferns Butterflies and COVID Anxiety

I've always have had 2 green thumbs.  I grew broccoli in high-school horticulture class; learned landscaping out of desperation when I was 20 because I needed a job; everything I plant thrives; I have plants in my home that I have had for 22 years.  It's crazy.

 I'm an intuitive Pisces who connects with nature. I feel what plants need and when they need it.  They speak to me.

If there's a butterfly in my backyard it will swoon around me, fluttering in front of me, and want to play.  My son has been a witness to this.  

So today I talk about something that I love, nature.  I need a break from the shit show called CoVid, the election, and the economy.  It's really difficult for most people to grow an indoor Boston fern, orchids that flourish year-after-year, here are some tips.