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Oct 9, 2020

Eckhart Tolle is pronounced, Tah O LLLL not Tolle' like a Mexican hat dance.

 I just made that up.  But I did look it up because people seem to pronounce his last name with the accent on the E and it makes me crazy.  

I happened to listen to a Youtube video with Eckhart Tolle on Global Healing today, it was live.  I like that.  There were 19,000 people watching.  Eckart's message was perfect, extremely timely for me because I have been a bit too obsessed with the "news" if you can call it that and I have been feeling anxious...and angry.  

I did feel a weird higher power telling me to watch Eckhart tonight, which I rarely do.  The message was so awesome so I tried to sum up for you in this episode.


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