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Jan 15, 2021

ClubHouse the New Live Drop In Conversation App will maKe you want to have a cig.

After the movie Social Dilemma one would think we would be more conscious about the amount of time spent on social media.  But it appears it's only getting worse with ClubHouse.

After spending 3 days on ClubHouse, I felt the adrenalin racing through my body and I felt like I was missing something and needed to constantly be involved, or listening, or curious, or I would miss...Yikes...I can't even explain the FOMO I was experiencing.

Today I realized that ClubHouse is a combination of Linkedin, HSN and Twitter.  

Linkedin for the professional networking and sharing of wisdom. 

HSN live TV selling a product in a limited amount of time by two hosts speaking to an audience of millions with limited time.

Twitter because it's topical and fast moving.

If you think you have FOMO now, well hold on to your hat, ClubHouse has been known to give people hang-overs! 

ClubHouse @wendicooper